The story of us

Meet the ninjas who stitched the awesomeness that is SigniFlow together, and who keep the awesomeness going - so you only experience awesomeness


Total Confidence.


Once upon a time...

A businessman. A 90-year strong international US company. An appointment to establish a subsidiary in Africa.

The result: A great business that flourished unceasingly. All the while, of course, with the businessman bearing in mind that he would need to branch out into digital technologies.

Elsewhere, a gutsy entrepreneurial technocrat and die-hard Deadpool fan had begun working on software that could verify a person’s identity, over the internet.

2012: The businessman and the technocrat make each other’s acquaintance. Straight off the bat it was clear - the two shared the same passion for enabling businesses to be better, faster, more secure…their common quest: build a formidable team to do it.

2013: The duo launches a data bureau system, and are soon joined by a handsome young guy who would take care of that part of the well-oiled machine for many years to come.

2014: The technocrat meets an extraordinary coder with a colossal red beard, who happens to share his vision and passion for all things digital. Together they start planning and building a digital signature workflow platform.

2015: A tough-as-nails lady - who happens to be able to sell a rocket to a rocket scientist - joins the team, followed by a young, cocky programmer and an awkwardly tall database expert.

The SigniFlow family was birthed.

And just like that - faster than you can say “Elon Musk” -
The wheels of what was to become a globally renowned digital automation system, were set in motion.

SigniFlow Annual Global Summit - UK
Our co-founders, Leon and Eugene - 2018 London

2018: Operations expand into South America, with immediate market penetration into the Latin American countries.

Soon after, in the United Kingdom, a nerdy-looking chap (who may or may not have OCD issues), opens SigniFlow's office in West Sussex, serving England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Europe, and the Middle East.

2019: The UK team breaks the final shackles and the true brand emerges, relying from then on solely on SigniFlow's own tech.

It was dubbed SigniFlow®, and - just as indelibly as it was written in the stars - the global trademark was written in the history books.


2020: A firecracker entrepreneur with superhero-like abilities teamed up with a funny-sounding Kiwi (not the fruit) and together they established the Asia Pacific offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Asia was on the superhero's radar and with astonishing swiftness, he cracked open the vast Asian market like it was a tiny tin of tuna.

Master ninjas

Today, we have ninjas scattered all over the world, servicing thousands of customers.

We are not like a family, we are a family and the game we play is an infinite one.

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